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on may 19, 2016, eisai china inc. (hereinafter referred to as “eisai china”) attended on invitation the “health for rural areas” program which was jointly held by the committee of education, science, culture, health and sports of chinese people’s political consultative conference (cppcc) and chinese hospital association in yuanling county, huaihua city, hunan province, and donated to this program the medicines which are worth about 500,000 yuan and will be used for medical treatment and health purposes at local hospitals. statistics show that eisai china has always upheld the spirit of “hhc (human health care)”, fulfilled its corporate responsibility, and donated medicines worth 450,000yuan and 490,000 yuan respectively through the “health for rural areas” programs in 2014 and 2015.
eisai china donates medicines worth about 500,000 yuan to the “health for rural areas” program
the “health for rural areas” program is an important activity organized by the committee of education, science, culture, health and sports of cppcc every year, and is a traditional activity that implements the regulations of cppcc. the activity not only sends medical services, medicines, concepts, technologies and management to the grassroots units, but also helps the committee members and experts approach the mass. this accords with eisai china’s concept of “hhc”, namely human health care. eisai china calls on each of its employees to spend 1% of their working time fulfilling “hhc” with patients, and believes that only after they experience the feelings and pain their patients do can they provide better services, provide patients with what they really need, and let patients and their families trust the products and services provided by eisai china. led by the board chairman, mr. kaneko norio and the general manager, ms. feng yanhui, eisai china will continuously to give its love to the “health for rural areas” program, and make its due contributions to the medical care cause in the poverty-stricken areas.
eisai china inc. gets the certificate of donation
this activity was chaired by hu shijun, deputy secretary of the party committee of yuanling county. a total of more than 300 persons, including huang jiefu, member of the standing committee of the chinese people’s political consultative conference (cppcc), fan li, zhao ping, wen jianmin, niu zhongying and yang jinsheng who are cppcc members, zhang wujun, deputy director of the committee of education, science, culture, health and sports of cppcc, xue xiaolin, vice president of chinese hospital association, wang ling, deputy secretary of chinese hospital association, ouyang bin, vice-chairman of provincial political consultative conference of hunan, zhang jian, director of hunan provincial health and family planning commission, zhao yingyun, mayor of huaihua city, qin daishou, secretary of the party committee of yuanling county, experts from beijing, changsha, etc., representatives of the donating enterprises, and staff members of yuanling county people’s hospital, attended this activity.

after the donation ceremony was over, the experts for the “health for rural areas” program carried out activities in groups. they went into the wards of yuanling county people’s hospital and hospital of traditional chinese medicine to give guidance on medical technologies, gave free clinic services to the public, held technical seminars on treatment of cardiovascular diseases for the key medical staff of the county and town, and conducted surveys on rural medical construction at mingxikou township hospital and huangyangping community clinic.

eisai co., ltd. (headquarters: tokyo, ceo: haruo naito, “eisai”) announced today that its european regional headquarters eisai europe ltd. (location: u.k.) has received a positive opinion from the european medicines agency‘s committee for medicinal products for human use (chmp) on anticancer agent halaven® (eribulin mesylate) for treatment of adult patients with unresectable liposarcomas who have received prior anthracycline containing therapy (unless unsuitable) for advanced or metastatic disease. halaven is the first and only single agent to demonstrate an overall survival (os) benefit in a phase iii trial in patients with advanced, recurrent or metastatic soft tissue sarcoma (liposarcoma or leiomyosarcoma). following approval for use in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer in the eu, this marks the second indication for which halaven has received a positive chmp opinion based on a statistically significant extension of os.

the chmp‘s positive opinion is based on the results from phase iii study (study 309) comparing the efficacy and safety of halaven versus dacarbazine in 452 patients (aged 18 or over) with locally advanced or recurrent and metastatic soft tissue sarcoma (liposarcoma or leiomyosarcoma) who had disease progression following standard therapies which must have included an anthracycline and at least one other additional regimen. halaven demonstrated a statistically significant extension in the study‘s primary endpoint of os over the comparator treatment dacarbazine (halaven median os: 13.5 months vs dacarbazine median os: 11.5 months; hazard ratio (hr) 0.77 [95% ci=0.62-0.95], p=0.0169). for patients with liposarcoma, halaven demonstrated a significant improvement in os over dacarbazine (halaven, median os: 15.6 months vs dacarbazine, median os: 8.4 months; hr 0.51 [95% ci=0.35-0.75]).
in this study, the most common treatment-emergent adverse events (incidence greater than or equal to 25%) in patients treated with halaven were fatigue, neutropenia, nausea, alopecia, constipation, peripheral neuropathy, abdominal pain, and pyrexia, which was consistent with the known side-effect profile of halaven.

halaven is a halichondrin class microtubule dynamics inhibitor with a distinct binding profile. recent non-clinical studies showed that halaven is associated with increased vascular perfusion and permeability in tumor cores. halaven promotes the epithelial state and decreases the capacity of breast cancer cells to migrate. halaven is currently approved for use in the treatment of breast cancer in approximately 60 countries including japan and countries in europe and the americas. halaven was approved in the united states for the treatment of patients with unresectable or metastatic liposarcoma who have received a prior anthracycline-containing regimen in january 2016, and was approved in japan for the treatment of soft tissue sarcoma in february 2016. halaven has been designated as an orphan drug for soft-tissue sarcoma in the united states and japan.

soft tissue sarcoma is a collective term for a diverse group of malignant tumors that occur throughout the soft tissue (fat, muscle, nerves, fibrous tissues and blood vessels). approximately 29,000 patients in europe are diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma each year or about 1% of all cancers diagnosed in europe. liposarcoma is one of the most common forms of soft tissue sarcoma. as outcomes are poor for patients with advanced disease, it remains a disease with significant unmet medical need.

through obtaining this additional approval, eisai aims to enhance the clinical value of halaven to contribute further toward addressing the diverse needs of, and increasing the benefits provided to, patients with cancer, their families, and healthcare providers.

eisai co., ltd. (headquarters: tokyo, ceo: haruo naito, “eisai”) announced today that its china holding company eisai china holdings ltd. (location: suzhou, jiangsu province) has signed an agreement to purchase 100% of the shares of liaoning tianyi biological pharmaceutical co., ltd. (location: benxi, liaoning province, china, “tianyi”) held by both xiaojun zhao, representative director and president of longyuan education industry investment & management groups co., ltd., and hong sun. under this agreement, the purchase price is rmb 500 million (approximately jpy 9.6 billion based on 1 rmb = 19.2 jpy). this agreement is expected to take effect once the conditions of transfer have been arranged.

located in the benxi high-tech industrial development zone, a pharmaceutical cluster comprised of around 100 companies and six universities including shenyang pharmaceutical university, tianyi is a generic pharmaceutical company in china that manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products and active pharmaceutical ingredients. tianyi has manufacturing approval for approximately 90 pharmaceutical products covering a wide range of diseases, including immune modulators, traditional chinese medicines and treatments for inflammation and pain relief, dementia, gastritis, intestinal disorders, diabetes as well as chronic arterial occlusion. in addition, tianyi possesses the latest production line and technology which is compliant with china’s gmp (good manufacturing practice) standards to enable the handling of various different formulations such as tablets, capsules, granules, liquid medicines and freeze dried injectables.

the china pharmaceutical market is the second largest in the world after the united states1, and despite china experiencing a slowdown in economic growth, is forecasted to maintain strong growth into the future due to substantial expansion via the rapid aging of the population and the government’s policies to improve access to medicines. in particular, even higher growth is expected for generic pharmaceuticals that will make up the majority of prescriptions in small and medium sized cities in inland and regional areas as well as small and medium sized hospitals which have had inadequate access to medicines until now. meanwhile there is strong demand from the government for generic pharmaceuticals with a high level of quality on par with branded pharmaceuticals. the stable supply of high quality pharmaceuticals from tianyi’s gmp compliant facility under eisai’s strict quality management and quality assurance system will be able to meet the needs of the china pharmaceutical market.

through this acquisition, eisai will enter the generic pharmaceutical business in china in addition to expanding its existing business focused on new medicines. by further strengthening its business platform foundation established over 25 years of doing business in china and providing a stable supply of high quality generic pharmaceuticals, eisai will be able to fulfill an even wider range of medical needs in china. furthermore, by establishing a business base in benxi after suzhou and shanghai, eisai will strengthen its collaboration with academia in the benxi pharmaceutical cluster as well as explore opportunities for further growth. eisai will continue to further contribute to increasing the benefits for a greater number of patients and their families throughout china.

in addition, the signing of this agreement will have a minor impact on the consolidated result forecasts for the period ended march 30, 2016.

media inquiries:
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eisai co., ltd.

1.  about liaoning tianyi biological pharmaceutical co., ltd.
company name liaoning tianyi biological pharmaceutical co., ltd.
location benxi, liaoning province, china
date established december, 2011
representative corporate officer and president xiaojun zhao
employees approximately 250 (as of june 2015)
capital rmb 50 million
sales, profit sales: rmb 34 million, net profit: rmb 3 million
(six-month period from january to june 2015)
scope of business manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products and active pharmaceutical ingredients (apis)
annual production capacity approximately 1 billion tablets, 400 million capsules, 50 million packs of granules, 50 million packs of powder, 40 million bottles of liquid medicines, 30 million parenteral formulations, 30 million freeze dried injectable doses and 300t of apis
2.  about the china pharmaceutical market
the china pharmaceutical market is the second largest in the world after the united states, and in 2014 was worth 109.3 billion u.s. dollars (approximately 13.1 trillion japanese yen), an increase of 12% from the previous year.1 despite china experiencing a slowdown in economic growth, the china pharmaceutical market is expected to maintain strong growth into the future due to substantial expansion via the rapid aging of the population and the government’s policies to improve access to medicines.
furthermore, in terms of value, generic pharmaceuticals account for approximately 80% of the china pharmaceutical market. with the government aiming to improve the quality of generic pharmaceuticals in china, there is strong demand for the stable supply of generic pharmaceuticals with a high level of quality on par with branded pharmaceuticals. accompanying the progress of future reforms to the healthcare system, it is predicted that the needs for high quality medical treatment will expand not only in major cities but also in small and medium sized cities in regional and inland areas.
3.  about eisai’s china pharmaceutical business
eisai’s business in china has a history spanning almost 25 years. eisai entered the china market in 1991 through a joint venture company, and in 1996 established eisai china inc., a 100% wholly owned subsidiary which has manufacturing and marketing functions. furthermore, eisai established eisai (suzhou) trading co., ltd. in 2010 to directly import and trade licensed products, and continues to expand business from a local base. in december 2014, eisai newly established eisai china holdings ltd. as a holding company in china to manage these two companies. by doing so, an autonomous management structure was established to enable quick decision making in china.
through this acquisition, eisai will enter the generic pharmaceutical business in china in addition to expanding its existing business focused on new medicines. after the execution of the agreement, the trading name of liaoning tianyi biological pharmaceutical co., ltd. will be changed to eisai (liaoning) pharmaceutical co., ltd., and the company will be made a subsidiary of eisai china holdings ltd.
1 ©2015 ims health, ims world review executive 2015™, reproduction prohibited

on a stormy day on sep. 2, 2014 as predicated by the meteorological forecast and warning center of beijing, the staff of eisai pharmacy administration base was preparing for the “well-being campaign” donation to yunzhou central primary school in chicheng county with full enthusiasm and expectation. upon entrustment by feng yanhui, general manager of eisai china, the staff, all filled with the “hhc” spirit, embarked on the journey to yunzhou central primary school just before dawn in spite of the rain.

the chinese children and teenagers well-being and growth program is a large-scale public welfare program jointly sponsored by china children and teenagers’ fund and state administration of work safety. chicheng county is a national-level poverty-stricken county and also one of the targets given priority in attaining anti-poverty support. as instructed by the gm feng yanhui, eisai people should participate in public welfare campaigns and help every single student with practical actions. since this june, eisai pharmacy administration base has been maintaining intensive communication with the headmaster and teachers of yunzhou central primary school through china children and teenagers’ fund, and has donated books and articles for study and daily use which satisfy the actual demands of teachers and students. among the donations, there are 279 books of different kinds that greatly enrich the categories of library books help students to expand the areas of reading and absorb more nourishment for the mind; and there are 203 packages of stationery, kettles and other articles for study and daily use that can improve the students’ studying and living qualities. eisai hopes all the students in the school will study and grow up healthily and happily.


at the donation ceremony of ankang library, the students spoke with wholehearted gratitude and resolution to study hard and give back to the society. eisai staff there was all moved by their tender and firm voices. yamada koki, head of the pharmacy administration base said smiley that “i hope to make some humble efforts to help children and teenagers in the local area grow up healthily and happily, especially the leftover and migrant children.”


on a chilly day, the students there were seating on the playground under a gloomy sky. though not as white-skinned and strong as children living in cities, they’re all wearing innocent and grateful smiles. their smiles warm the hearts of all the eisai staff there. you would never be touched to the very heart in this way if you haven’t traveled a long way to this primary school, moved so many boxes of books and stationery with your hands, heard of the children’s tender and firm voices, seen their warm smiles, and stepped inside the toilets built by bricks without flushing facilities at the corner of the playground. deeply infected by what eisai staff has done for them, the students know better about cherishing, gratitude and giving back. knowing that several students need to share one computer when taking computer lessons, yamada koki said eisai would offer continual concern and support for the primary school and do everything it could to help the children, in the hope that the children would develop lofty ideals, behave gratefully and give back to the society.

these books, carrying not only knowledge but also love and hope, are the gifts given by eisai to the pupils in this impoverished mountainous area when they came back to school. 
eisai has been launching “hhc” campaigns for long, and education is one of the target fields of these campaigns. in 2006, eisai ever offered full financial support for the supreme people’s court to implement the “whu changes destiny” program, offering subsidies of rmb 360,000 to the children of impoverished judges in guizhou. since 2008, eisai has funded many scholarship programs in an array of medical colleges and universities, covering shenyang pharmaceutical university, shanghai jiao tong university, suzhou university, sun yat-sen university, suzhou industrial park institute of vocational technology and suzhou college of medicine science and technology, etc. eisai, a pharmaceutical enterprise operating in china for 23 years and valuing honoring social responsibilities as its important mission, is always ready to make due contributions to china’s public welfare programs.

(note: the teaching building of yunzhou central primary school shown in the photo is donated by benevolent public figures.)

on aug. 21, 2014, eisai, with the help of seismic rescue brigade dispatched by the second affiliated hospital of kunming medical university, donated medical supplies and cashed valued rmb 600,000 to the areas in yunnan hit by ludian earthquake, including medical supplies valued rmb 250,000 and rmb 350,000 cashes. the cashes will be used in post-disaster reconstruction of village clinics there.

eisai attached great importance to this ludian earthquake relief work. the chairman ose yoshiyuki and general manager feng yanhui of eisai went to the second affiliated hospital of kunming medical university in person and handed over the medical suppliers and cashed to the seismic rescue brigade on a simple donation ceremony. lu xin, vice-president of the second affiliated hospital of kunming medical university, mao yin, director of the medical department and zhong yong, deputy director of the medical department attended the ceremony. after the ceremony, the chairman, general manager and other delegates from eisai visited 3 patients injured in the earthquake and then receiving treatment in the orthopaedic ward and burn ward, presenting fruits and flowers. leaders of the hospital pointed out that the earthquake has caused enormous personal injury and property damage, hoping that more caring enterprises would give a helping hand.

eisai will keep a close eye on the progress and demands of the earthquake-stricken areas, maintain close communication with the seismic rescue brigade dispatched by the second affiliated hospital of kunming medical university and further support the earthquake relief work in local areas. eisai hoped to do his share for helping the residents in the earthquake-stricken areas. apart from the above, eisai plan to organize hhc (human health care) campaigns to actively help the residents with homeland rehabilitation.

it is reported that eisai has established its presence in chinese market for 23 years and has established a profound friendship with china for 42 years. when china is hit by major natural disasters, eisai always has a caring heart for the stricken areas and offers humanitarian aid and support for people there. for example, eisai donated rmb 5 million via wenchuan earthquake the red cross society of china after occurrence of wenchuan earthquake, which were then invested in the construction of eisai red cross boai health center in kaijiang town, zhongjiang county, sichuan. for another instance, eisai donated antibiotic drugs valued rmb 390,000 after occurrence of yushu earthquake in qinghai. eisai is committed to mankind health care services and values honoring social responsibility as his key mission. 

the “meet you on wednesdays” platform sponsored by china international forum of medicine under chinese medical association and co-sponsored by eisai china inc. was officially launched recently. it is a network interaction & learning platform on peripheral neuropathy and other relevant diseases. china international forum of medicine is responsible for inviting prestigious national neurologist to deliver lectures and introduce typical cases of peripheral neuropathy, aiming at improving the skills of clinicians’ of all levels in mainland china in diagnosis and treatment of peripheral neuropathy.

since its launch in jul. 2012 till now, the platform has been broadcasting at 3:00 p.m. on the 2nd wednesday of each month. eisai china may organize doctors or the doctors may themselves visit  to watch the videos for learning and interaction. they can explore the latest guidelines released abroad, share and exchange views on typical cases, discuss on topics of peripheral neuropathy and share their valuable experience in scholar research and clinical diagnosis & treatment, thereby enhancing mutual communication and understanding.

“we-orthopedics” is a wechat public platform developed in response to the mass’s reduced dependency on pc terminals and increasing application of mobile pone app wechat. as the first wechat public platform of eisai, “we-orthopedics” is positioned as a platform designed for chinese orthopedists for the purpose of academic exchange in orthopedics and release of latest news, eisai orthopedics product information and events. it is also an aggressive exploration of eisai orthopedics team amidst the tide of e-promotion.

since its launch in sep. 2013, “we-orthopedics” phase-i, targeting at attracting orthopedists’ eyes, organized the wechat medical cases voting campaign. during the 2-month campaign, “we-orthopedics” attracted 2360 followers in total. “we-orthopedics” phase-ii targets at maintaining users’ loyalty with enriched contents and interactions. a brand new “we-orthopedics” is expected to be launched in late november. this wechat platform offers a variety of contents, covering we-news (orthopedics scholar and industrial news), face-to-face interactions with orthopedics specialists, information on eisai product campaigns, we-orthopedics knowledge contest, treasure hunt game (product info embedded) and entertainment news on fridays (relating to medical treatment).

this innovative wechat platform is well received by orthopedists. eisai orthopedics team will continue to explore e-promotion techniques in the field of medicine so as to create win-win solutions for corporations and customers and eventually bring benefit to patients.

osteoporosis is a latent and degenerative disease featured by high morbidity, disability rate and fatality rate. 69,440,000 persons of those aged 50 or above suffer from osteoporosis. the fatalness of osteoporotic fracture is 40% for women and 13% for men. for those suffering from osteoporotic fragility fracture on hip, 20% will die from complications of this disease, 30% become permanently disable, 40% lose the ability of independent ambulation, and 50% lose the ability of self-care after one year. meanwhile, medical staff serving those patients has to work for long hours under tremendous pressure. what’s more, physicians are also victims of diseases. they are exposed to twice higher risk of diseases than the peers. in particular, the physicians aged 40 or above are exposed to a much higher risk of geriatric diseases than average. the medical staff who brings health and happiness to patients also requires our concern and care.

the public service activity titled “osteoporosis-care for doctors” jointly sponsored by china association of health promotion and education and eisai china inc. was officially kicked off on may 3 in beijing hospital, marking the start of this large-scale public benefit campaign that will last for 3 months and cover more than 40 cities across china. sticking to the tenet of “concern, prevention and action”, the sponsors of this activity organized lectures on osteoporosis risk screening and health knowledge for medical staff, for the purpose of enhancing medical staff’s concern on their health and helping them acquire the knowledge on osteoporosis prevention and mitigate the risk and hazard associated with osteoporosis by means of early prevention & diagnosis and regulated treatment.

yin dakui, president of china association of health promotion and education and former vice-minister of national health and family planning commission, and liu keling, standing vice-president and secretary-general of china association of health promotion and education both spoke highly of this activity. at the kick-off meeting, wang jianye, secretary of the party committee of beijing hospital pointed out that this activity is launched at the right moment as medical staff calls for immediate public concern and care. pan wei, senior manager of pc-bu marketing section of eisai china primarily introduced eisai’s hhc (human health care) concept and expressed eisai’s resolution to offer its full support in bringing this activity to fruition.

prof. sun mingxiao, deputy head of the secretion department of beijing hospital and an expert in osteoporosis, delivered a special report titled “healthy bone and happy life”, mainly introducing how to effectively prevent and cure osteoporosis. he especially recommended vitamin k2 preparation as a safe drug for improving bone quality.

meanwhile, nearly 200 medical workers from beijing hospital and tongren hospital and 10 domestic media attended and raised questions at the kick-off meeting.

after the meeting, prof. sun mingxiao said that she acquired knowledge on vk2 and osteoporosis through lectures and hoped to apply glakay® capsules with the least delay possible to experience for herself this product’s remedies to osteoporosis. other doctors from tongren hospital and beijing hospital present at the kick-off meeting also expressed that many medicines are available for osteoporosis but only eisai and its glakay® products truly care for the health of medical workers. among 121 feedback questionnaires completed and submitted by medical workers from beijing hospital, 110 registered and applied to get glakay® samples.

the information on this kick-off meeting was also released on , ,  and . 74 in-house lectures are expected to be held in the incoming may-july across the country, covering doctors of 5000 person-time.

the opening ceremony of eisai youth elite training camp and award ceremony of eisai scholarship 2011 jointly organized by the student affairs office and youth league committee of shanghai jiao tong university (“sjtu”) school of medicine was held at 9:00 a.m. on jul. 5 in the conference room 201 of scientific education building at ruijin hospital. huang gang, the deputy dean of sjtu school of medicine, liu ye, the general manager of eisai china, zhou liwen, the head of eisai china tumor business unit, wang changchun, the senior manager of eisai china medicine business unit, tang hua, the chief of student affairs office, zhu jianheng, the secretary of youth league committee and more than 30 elite student representatives of sjtu school of medicine attended this meeting hosted by mr. zhu jianzheng.

huang gang, the deputy dean of sjtu school of medicine made a speech at the beginning of the meeting, stating that sjtu school of medicine has been gradually deepening its cooperation with eisai china which funds three scholarship programs for the school of medicine to cultivate elite students in various professions. he added that eisai china sticks to the social responsibilities which are perfectly in harmony with the philosophy of “medicine boosts scientific advancement” advocated by sjtu school of medicine.

following that, tang hua, the chief of student affairs office announced the winners of the scholarships and expressed his expectations on these students and his gratitude to eisai china on behalf of the school of medicine.

then chen yan, a student majoring in prophylaxis 2007 made a statement on behalf of all the students present. she firstly expressed her opinions on the sense of responsibility proposed by mr. huang gang in his speech and then summarized her gains and knowledge accumulations from 5-year learning at the university, concluding her words with the commitment of contributing to the society and the medicine undertaking with the support of scholarships.

finally, liu ye, the general manager of eisai china expounded on the relations of medical treatment & medicine, medical corporations & hospitals, and doctors & mrs in a vivid and witty way. he then expressed his hopes that the students about to take up clinical positions would bring benefit to the society with their growth and serve the society with their knowledge and that eisai and sjtu school of medicine would further deepen mutual cooperation.

besides, zhou liwen, the head of eisai china tumor business unit and yu liwei, a member of the youth association of sjtu school of medicine delivered speeches titled devotion and gratitude to medicine and how student leaders grow into elites respectively and interacted actively with the students, marking the opening of the training camp.

the scholarship programs funded by eisai china are an essential part of linkage of sjtu school of medicine’s training system of innovative talents with social enterprises intended for collaboration of college and enterprise and joint cultivation. the students said, by attending the ceremony, they not only understand the real relationship between medical corporations and medical college students but also realize the broad prospects in medial cooperation. moreover, it is a good opportunity for them to learn the essential attainments and qualities of student leaders. all of the above arouse their sense of responsibility to their professions and the society and they’ll benefit from the knowledge and skills acquired during the event for life.

一、 关于卫材




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二、   雏鹰计划






  1. 客户管理:协助整理和完善区域的crm客户档案;
  2. 产品知识:熟练掌握公司产品知识,并有效传达给临床医生/学术带头人;
  3. 拜访技能:运用拜访技巧高效率地拜访目标客户并不断实践和提高;
  4. 可以独立拜访非目标医院,挖掘地区的潜力医院。


  1. 大三、大四或研二、研三在读学生,本科及以上学历,医学、药学、生物科学等相关专业优先;
  2. 较强的分析问题、解决问题的能力;
  3. 愿意接受挑战,具备较强的沟通及表达能力;
  4. 良好的团队合作精神,积极主动,吃苦耐劳;
  5. 一周至少保证三天的工作时间。


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