donate 350,000 yuan again to help the elderly with cognitive impairment go home – eisai china lnc.-爱游戏(ayx)中国官方网站

july 3, 2019 – eisai china inc. announced that it would again donate 350,000 yuan to china population welfare foundation for the project “public welfare stars invite you to help the elderly with cognitive impairment go home”, which was jointly organized by china population welfare foundation and tencent news.

it was reported that this charitable activity will be carried out with “stars appealing and netizens forwarding the appeals”. each forwarding by a participant will bring one “helping hand”, which is equivalent to one yuan donated to the charitable fund, and one yellow bracelet will be donated for every 326 yuan, or 326 times of forwarding. the charitable money will be donated by benevolent enterprises (scan the two-dimensional code below for details of the activity). this activity aims to call public attention to patients with cognitive impairment.

the related funds donated by eisai china inc., one of the benevolent enterprises, will be used to purchase 1,000 positioning yellow bracelets. patients with cognitive impairment and their families can get the yellow bracelets for free in memory clinics of relevant hospitals. the positioning yellow bracelet has the functions of real-time positioning, movement track checking, safety fence, emergency call and so on. families of the elderly can track and positioning the location of the elderly through mobile app, which help change passive search into active care.

cognitive impairment is a progressive declining brain disease, which is often mistaken for normal aging. in addition to the misunderstandings, there is still serious discrimination against the elderly with cognitive impairment in our society. what’s more, such patients have a strong sense of shame, resulting in a low rate of medical treatment. the disease is still incurable up to now, which brings heavy burdens in finance, care-giving and psychology to families of such patients. china sees large population with cognitive impairment and high incidence of the disease with tens of millions of such patients becoming a huge challenge in the aging society.

since entering china market in the 1990s, we have always been adhering to our company philosophy of hhc (human health care), giving our first thoughts to patients and their families, and to increasing the benefits health care provides. we always commit to promoting the progress and development of neuroscience, one of the key treatment fields we focus on.

in 2019, we will continue to cooperate with the china population welfare foundation to promote a total of nearly 200 online and offline activities regarding yellow bracelets, which is expected to benefit more than 10,000 people, as well as large-scale science popularizations and free clinics. meanwhile, we will collect caregiver stories jointly with china association for alzheimer’s disease and carry out online disease education and more activities in cooperation with we are willing to work with all sectors of the society to improve the life quality of patients, promote the development of disease-related industries, enhance social understanding and prevention of the disease and actively help improve public policies to address the challenges brought by an ageing society.